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March 21 2017

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tag yourself i’m the 2016 election



Friendly reminder to check you’re not holding tension in your body. Let your shoulders drop, unclench your hands and jaw. Take a deep breath. Much better.

this is such a genuine reminder


The reason depression is literally the worst is not because of the soul-crushing sadness or the wanting to kill yourself or the self harm or all the violent and extreme emotions that come with dealing with this particular mental handicap.
It’s the long and painful stretches of days of weeks of months where you’re not really depressed, but you kind of just exist. The time you spend sitting in bed aimlessly browsing the Internet instead of finishing that video game you thought was fun or going out with a friend to see a movie or getting up and doing your laundry. You exist, and it’s okay, but you’re not really sure why. You’re not doing anything productive when you have all the time in the world to be doing it. You feel like you’re missing out on life, but at the same time you feel that it doesn’t really matter. That’s the worst kind of depression.

March 20 2017

God bless french animated music videos









I think it’s one of my favorite genre of animation, music videos :D
Can I add more to this post ?

(The last one can be quite disturbing for anyone who haven’t seen it before !)

Thank you for adding some more, dear! ♥

(Can’t believe I forgot Fantasy it’s one of my favorite videos ever hahahaha)

The last one is really disturbing guys, be careful!


It’s not French, but this one has an odd style.

Just because. Dogs.

Hope you don’t mind me adding these here UwU

leaves this here

and also i’m surprised Freak of the Week isn’t on this post yet? It was directed by Juanjo Guarnido but it was produced in Paris!

These clips are so inspirational <3










chai tea (tea tea)

naan bread (bread bread)

sharia law (law law)

sahara desert (desert desert)

lake tahoe (lake lake)

el camino way (the way way)

pendle hill (hill hill hill)

soviet union (union union)

mississippi river (big river river)

the los angeles angels (the the angels angels)

hula dance (dance dance)
dc comics (detective comics comics)

shakira (shakira)



I will fight anyone who characterises Pike solely as a source of innocence and light. In the times she has actually been played by Ashley, she has:

- Almost joined Scanlan in shitting on a random Duergar’s bed, before realising Sarenrae would strongly disapprove
- Instantly agreed to wear gauntlets that make her super strong, just so she could be super strong
- Run out of her bedroom to fight a rakshasa BUTT NAKED EXCEPT HER GAUNTLETS
- Commissioned a group portrait from an artist she knows is going to draw VM weird and heavily characterised
- Gotten drunk whenever the opportunity arose, including with the super strong liquor they brought back from Ahn’karel
- Part of her resurrection poem to Scanlan included the threat, “We’ll burn down your whole fucking town”
- Dressed Scanlan’s comatose body in her nightgown (which we know she doesn’t actually wear)
- Basically told Tary that Vox Machina is poly and accidentally offered herself to him
- Upon discovering that the portraits she asked Doty to draw were all naked, half of them featuring mid- or post-coital positions… still told Tary to look at them every night
- Without hesitation, told Tary that she can always see him and kept up this ruse 

Pike Trickfoot utterly lives up to her last name. She can be gentle and is incredibly loving of her family, but she is not meek or reserved or innocent in the least.

She also threatened to fight the Raven Queen if anything bad happened to Vax as a result of the champion thing.

Pike Trickfoot: not even death goddesses are safe.

thescienceofjohnlock-otherblog replied to your post “I want to point out before I say this, that I’m not jealous, just a…”
life is short, tell him how you feel, if it’s not meant to be no loss and if it is…

I have a bit of a plan, which does include telling him at one point, but for now, I’ll just flirt a bit more, I think. If he doesn’t want me to flirt with him, thats fair, and he just has to say so, and I will back off. 
This is where it becomes a problem that I’m danish, because we don’t really date in denmark, it’s not a thing we do, so any propositions are a lot more serious, from the get go.
It’s only a bit of a problem, this whole thing, because we live together, he is a sort of roommate. Could become very awkward if not handled delicately from the beginning. 

Tips on CC for ME:A



So we all know the facial animations in me:a can be a little…weird. BUT I’ve noticed there are some things you can mess with in the CC that seem to help make it look a little better! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Don’t choose the default for you or your twin: They just have really bad facial animations. Idk why.
  • Give your Ryder dark eyes: The way the eye shading works in ME:A makes your character’s eye’s look really wide all the time. Giving your character a darker eye color for some reason seems to help this. It also helps to choose a preset where the upper eyelids fall lower on the eye.
  • If you’re making a femryder, make the character’s mouth less wide: Someone else noted that it looks like the face scans for femryder’s presets weren’t taken in a neutral pose. This caused a lot of them to have stretched out mouths that looks pretty uncanny in cutscenes. I made my Ryder’s mouth a little less wide than I usually like to, and that seemed to help get rid of those freaky smile scenes.
  • Mess with the depthness of the mouth: Making Ryder’s lips stick out from their face less seems to help with the weird flappy lip syndrome I’ve seen some people have. Default m!ryder has this issue especially bad.
  • Remember to compare the jawline to your character’s neck: You can’t adjust Ryder’s neck thickness like you can with Shepard’s, so if your character has a wide face or a big jaw, it can make their head look too big for their body at times.
  • The funky hair colors are always that bright: Ok this is less about animation and more about aesthetic, but I had to remake my Ryder because her blue hair looked too bright compared to everything else. In my opinion, the dyed hair looks less pastel looking and more neon in-game. There are a couple hairstyles it looks ok on (the curly bob and the braids for f!ryder both look pretty nice with the dyed colors) but most were brighter than I expected.
  • The CC angles the face down and is not in a neutral position: Don’t worry about this one too much, just keep it in mind while you’re messing with the height of Ryder’s facial features bc it does mess with the perspective a bit. I moved my character’s mouth up to what looked like an ok position in the CC, but in most cutscenes her mouth looks waaay to high.
These are the things I noticed gave the animations trouble, and they’re largely femryder centric. If anyone else had a different experience/wants to share more feel free to reblog!

Reblogging to save a life

moonbeamwatcher replied to your post “I want to point out before I say this, that I’m not jealous, just a…”

Mænd er nogle gange dumme. De kan nemt sige sådan nogle ting uden at de mener det som andet end observation :/

Det er rigtigt nok, men omvendt, for all I know, så ved han intet om at jeg har følelser for ham, så fra hans synspunkt er der ikke noget at tage hensyn til. Men jeg tænker at jeg fortsætter med mit forsøg på at flirte, og hvis det går ham på må han jo bare sige til :)

I want to point out before I say this, that I’m not jealous, just a bit sad, but yesterday my crush started talking about a friend of his whom he called pretty, intelligent, sweet, generally fantastic. She is, that’s true, but all I could say after hearing that was just ‘hey, and then there’s the rest of us mortals, who can’t be all that’.
I said it jokingly enough, that he agreed, but I don’t know if that was a hint I was meant to take, and thus should back off, or if it was just an observation, more than anything complicated with feelings.

Norway overtakes Denmark to be crowned world's 'happiest country'


Norway has unseated Denmark as happiest country in the world. The Scandinavian nation beat the three-time winner of the title, having previously been ranked fourth.

Denmark dropped to second place as Norway was named the winner for the first time since the United Nations launched the global initiative in 2012.

Trending: Kim Jong-un oversees North Korea’s high-thrust rocket engine test

The World Happiness Report 2017 ranked countries on six criteria measuring happiness: GDP per capita, life expectancy, freedom, generosity, social support and an absence of corruption in government or the business sector.

“Happy countries are the ones that have a healthy balance of prosperity, as conventionally measured, and social capital, meaning a high degree of trust in a society, low inequality and confidence in government,“Jeffrey Sachs, the director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) that published the report, told Reuters.

Don’t miss: Man who planned bath with girl, 14, caught by paedophile hunters in McDonald’s car park

“What works in the Nordic countries is a sense of community and understanding in the common good,” Meik Wiking, chief executive of the Happiness Institute in Copenhagen, said.

Iceland, Switzerland and Finland were also ranked in the top five. The US was 14th on the list, while the UK came in 19th place. Sachs said the US had dropped one place due to rising inequality, distrust and corruption. He said that President Trump’s economic measures were “all aimed at increasing inequality – tax cuts at the top, throwing people off the healthcare rolls, cutting Meals on Wheels in order to raise military spending. I think everything that has been proposed goes in the wrong direction.”

Most popular: Australian teenager mauled after jumping into crocodile-infested river for a dare

Syria, Yemen, Tanzania and Burundi are the least happy of the 155 countries listed in the fifth annual report by the SDSN.

The aim of the report is to provide governments with a tool to improve overall well-being in their country. “I want governments to measure this, discuss it, analyse it and understand when they have been off on the wrong direction,” Sachs said.

World Happiness Report 2017 rankings:

1. Norway
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Finland
6. Netherlands
7. Canada
8. New Zealand
9. Australia
10. Sweden
11. Israel
12. Costa Rica
13. Austria
14. United States
15. Ireland
16. Germany
17. Belgium
18. Luxembourg
19. United Kingdom
20. Chile

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What does happen if you die in DnD? Do you just… stop coming to the sessions?

you die in real life.

#the dm takes you out the back and shoots you like a lame horse


How very true, this is exactly what happens.

March 19 2017

artbuch replied to your post “I just realized the best thing about new players, who have never…”
You are cruel, hahahahaha!

But, they don’t know what a mimic is, it will be great! “Oh, a nice treasure chest, with a fireplace and some sleeping bags, and a book! I wonder who left all this here!” and then the treasure chest? mimic. Sleeping bags? mimic. Book? mimic. Fireplace? not a mimic, but still, there are enough mimics xD

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You know what’s nice about this whole crush thing? I was actually not sure if what I was experiencing was an actual crush, or just random hormones fucking me up after the whole egg donation thing. BUT according to the hormones packaging, it should have left my body last saturday, but then I had a period, so then I wasn’t sure again, but now my period is 5 days gone, and my hormones are 8 days gone, and I still have a quite vivid crush. 
This is the first crush I’ve had in a year. It’s actually nice to finally have a crush again. You begin to wonder, after some time, if you’ve lost the ability somehow, or if you just remember everything wrong, and you’ve actually never had a crush or been in love. But no, I can still get crushes. And blush for hours at a time, apparently.

Apparently there is an advantage to the way I blush. When I blush, it’s my entire face, neck and ears, and my whole face gets hot, but it only gets slightly red. And I can apparently sustain that. Like if I keep talking to the man I have a crush on, it doesn’t disappear, it just stays there, the entire time. So at one point, he has to come to the conclusion that my face just is this colour, naturally.

5094 27db


100% accurate depiction of what it’s like to be a DM/GM.

I just realized the best thing about new players, who have never played dnd. You can make a whole room filled with mimics and they won’t suspect a fucking thing.





you can take one man’s trash to another man’s treasure but you can’t make it drink

Fun fact: the blending of idioms or cliches is called a malaphor.

My personal favorite is “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.”

I’m rather fond of “It’s not rocket surgery” and “not the sharpest egg in the attic,” but my all-time favourite is, “…until the cows freeze over.”

You’ve opened this can of worms, now lie in it,

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